Geopolitics Decanted by Silverado

Science of War: Analysis of the war in Ukraine and implications for Taiwan (April 3, 2022)

Episode Summary

April 3, 2022: Dmitri Alperovitch talks about the new developments in the war in Ukraine on Twitter Spaces and implications of the conflict for Taiwan and its defense with Michael Kofman (Research Program Director in the Russia Studies Program at the Center for Naval Analysis) and Ivan Kanapathy (former Director for China, Taiwan, and Mongolia on the National Security CouncilĀ and US military attache in Taiwan, now Vice President at Beacon Global Strategies). Topics: Russian withdrawal from the northwest, is threat to Kyiv/Odessa/Kharkiv over, what's next in the Donbas, what is the endgame in the south, how real is the threat to Finland and Sweden if they move forward with NATO accession, what lessons can Taiwan learn from Ukraine, how capable is China at amphibious landings and suppression of air defenses, and much more!

Episode Notes

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