Geopolitics Decanted by Silverado

The Drone Wars: How Consumer Tech Is Shaping the Ukraine War

Episode Summary

Dmitri Alperovitch talks with Michael Kofman (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace), Rob Lee (Foreign Policy Research Institute) and Andrey Liscovich ( how the proliferation of FPV drones and countermeasures to them are changing the nature of warfare in Ukraine. They discuss: - Advantages and disadvantages of these new platforms - The development of new tactics and force structures employing them - The challenge Ukraine is having with developing and procuring munitions for drones - The cat-and-mouse battle in electronic warfare countermeasures used by both sides - Whether FPVs provide an advantage to defense or offense - The implications of drones on counterbattery and naval warfare - How Ukraine has emerged as a testing ground for these new technologies and the vital need for Western militaries to better absorb lessons learned from this conflict - How drones are becoming the cheap 'generic', albeit lesser capable, alternatives to expensive 'brand-name' weapon systems such as missiles, torpedoes, ISR platforms, etc. Andrey also discussed how his 501c(3) charity,, is helping train new Ukrainian FPV operators at the total cost of just $500 in 3 weeks.