Geopolitics Decanted by Silverado

How AI Will Transform Future Militaries (And Societies)

Episode Summary

Dmitri Alperovitch discusses the evolution of AI with Teddy Collins (former Assistant Director for Technology Strategy at the White House, Research Scientist at Google’s DeepMind and co-author of "Teams of Teams" with General Stan McChrystal): - The AI triad of Talent/Algorithms, Data and Compute which has driven so much improvement in the last 5 years - How AI could disproportionally benefit the large and rich technology platform companies - The challenge of Sim2Real jump and why using AI to solve many real-world problems in the physical world could still be years away - Why AI is unlikely to give an edge to attackers or defenders in cybersecurity - The dark side of AI - And what might be the most profound implications for societal change driven by AI