Geopolitics Decanted by Silverado

Battle of Wills: Ukraine’s Path to Victory

Episode Summary

Dmitri Alperovitch talks with Yaroslav Trofimov, a Ukrainian-born Wall Street Journal’s chief foreign-affairs correspondent, about his new book "Our Enemies Will Vanish: The Russian Invasion and Ukraine's War of Independence." They discussed why the Russians lost any chance of capturing Kyiv in the first day of the war by failing to take Hostomel airport, why Ukrainian war preparations were quite uneven (stronger in the north than in the south), why the peace talks never had a chance, the strategic problem with the design of last year's counteroffensive and what the path to Ukrainian victory could look like. Please check out Yaroslav's book: And Dmitri's upcoming book: "World on the Brink: How America Can Beat China in the Race for the Twenty-First Century" Episode music: