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The Long War: Analysis of the war in Ukraine (June 5, 2022)

Episode Summary

June 5, 2022: Dmitri Alperovitch talks with Michael Kofman (Research Program Director in the Russia Studies Program at the Center for Naval Analysis) and Rob Lee (Senior Fellow at the Eurasia Program of the Foreign Policy Research Institute) about the new developments in the war in Ukraine on Twitter Spaces. Topics covered: - Latest on the war in the Donbas, Russian progress and Ukrainian counteroffensives - Will the Western military aid (howitzers, MLRS/HIMARS, armor, UAVs...) be enough to help Ukraine in this stage of the fight? - Why is the rate of Russian casualties appearing to decrease from earlier in the war? - Can current high rate of Ukrainian casualties be sustained? - Are the Russians performing better at close-air support and electronic warfare than they had been earlier? - Putin's war on global food supplies - Can the Ukrainian ports be safely demined now? - How long can this phase of the war continue? - Russia: Bad military or bad plan? - Russian force design: why they weren't prepared for this fight - Shadow mobilization options for Russia

Episode Notes

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Recent article by Michael Kofman and Rob Lee discussed on the podcast: